Paul Iezzi

"Nature for me, is the stimulus for artistic expression – the essence of the work of art. My endeavor is unity of formal consideration, with the process or thought, spontaneity of vision is sought to achieve simple awareness of living. Harmony and balance are key components in the construction of image. Of course, a little disorientation could lead to insight.

"For me, drawing and painting is the act of creating. As I work, there is a spontaneous natural connection to nature, the subject, or no subject. I find that drawing is a visceral emotional response to something, anything.

"Color lays the foundation for all of my work. Whether abstract, figurative, or figuration, color emotes the possibilities of the universe. This revelation becomes clear, and begins to take shape as the work evolves.

"My methods and approaches vary according to the subject. Changes happen and occur spontaneously as needed. I find media and methodology change to suit the course of life's events. Creativity is an expression of what is experienced, thought, felt."